How we work

global recycling crisis

The global market for bioplastics is predicted to grow by 20% over the next five years but there are no recycling options currently available to keep up the rate of growth.

PLA is a bioplastic designed to be both compostable and recyclable but few full-scale composters can take bioplastic products as their feedstock.


Since PLA is too advanced a material for recyclers to process, there is no PLA recycling operation. As a result, most of the valuable bioplastic material is going to waste.


our solutions

We have developed technology to turn this waste into valuable material for remanufactoring. 

Bioplastic Recycling closes the loop by creating the materials and technology needed to transform linear supply chains into circular supply chains.

Using groundbreaking technology, we sort and upcycle discarded bioplastics into new products reducing our reliance on traditional plastics.

Our upcycled materials are compatible with standard plastic manufacturing equipment, allowing for rapid market adoption.


our products and services

Recycling technology to reprocess bioplastic waste back into usable biopolymers.

Recycled bioresin formulations engineered to meet manufactures’ specifications.

We remake cups and utensils into recycled PLA. The recycled PLA is sold as is or upcycled into advanced BioResin formulations with increased performance qualities needed by manufacturers.